A Silly Mistake Makes WhatsApp Like Unprofessional!


I am not a programmer who doesn’t have any deep knowledge about coding! But little bit know about this matters that what is header, what h1 is, what h2 is, when it starts and when it has to be closed.

I usually love to visit other websites and source code where these coding maze playing make me surprised!
How programmers really do this? Salute!

But the thing is I have seen today, that will make surprised you too! No doubt!


WhatsApp Error1


When I visit on WhatsApp official website’s source code today, where I have found a big mistake that is really looks unprofessional and not expected from the giant like WhatsApp which is also owned by big boss Facebook.


WhatsApp Error2


I think you might be feel interest to see this mistake. First of all you have to visit the source code of WhatsApp. Then you may just press two keys (Ctrl+F) within the same time, one is Control key and another one is “F” key from your keyboard, to find out anything exist on a specific website like a search engine that you might want to search.

Okey If you have knowledge about coding then not necessary to broad but if you are like me then please keep reading and see what actually going on to WhatsApp?

Let’s know the one thing, if anything you want to write coding, you have to starts from <> and this should be closed/end by < /> sign. Behind this there is everything.

Now suppose, If you want to write on a header 1 (One of the Heading Title in any Websites), then you have to start by <h1> and have to close it by this <h1/> and this is called as header tag.

Example: <h1> Example <h1/> 

                    <h2> Example <h2/>

When programmers write this code and which appears to us as “Example” on the website that we normally see.

Now if you type h1 on the search box of WhatsApp source code and press next and next (3 of 3) then you might see there is a mistake! which is not closed by <h1/>  ! Which is closed by <h2/>
WhatsApp Error

Figure : SourceCode of WhatsApp


Did you see that?

This is absolutely incorrect ! WhatsApp has to solve this!

Note: This is not a big mistake and for this Application’s operation may not stopped. This is only my personal review which has seen to me and looks like unprofessional !




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